December 19, 2013

Death Match 2013 – Flat Bieber and Reedus Edition

Last year on my birthday my friends gave me what would quickly become one of my favorite things ever…my Flat Bieber. If you’re new to this weird neck of the woods, then you can read about that HERE. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Oh and don’t worry! We TOTALLY won’t talk about you while you’re gone. Go on! GO!

Psst! Can you guys even believe that those wank-holes haven’t read about Flat Bieber? I mean COME ON! Half the crap I’ve talked about for the past 12 months is built upon the Flat Bieber Foundation. It’s like they’re not even trying to get me! I mean, seriously. Put in a little effort and do your homework, amiright? Sheesh.

Oh you’re back? Cool! You’re super awesome! We were so bored while you were gone. All we did was talk about knitting and periods. But now you’re back and all caught up and we can continue. Yay!

So I’ve had Flat Bieber for a year and we’ve had lots of amazing times together. Then this year my friend Becky gave me Flat Reedus, and you guys all know how much I LOVE me some Reedus (and if you don’t there’s just seriously no hope for you). I was immediately in love and SUPER excited to bring him home and introduce him to my family.

But it didn’t go exactly as planned…














Now excuse me while I go do my Drummer Boy dance.


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6 Responses to “Death Match 2013 – Flat Bieber and Reedus Edition”

  1. Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point Said:

    This was like watching the end of Seven all over again.

  2. Christina Said:

    This was toooooo awesome!!

  3. Wendy Said:

    Oh insano you know just the right thing to say. U crack me up big time. I love your humour. I tried to explain it to others but I gave up trying. Their blank faces were annoying me. Keep on rockin

  4. Cha Cha DiGregorio Said:

    You totally looked like Brad Pitt in Seven when he found you know what in the box…

  5. shannon Said:

    you and i are so freakin different its not even funny. however, deep down underneath….there are some pretty common threads. i posted this on dec 15th and a follow up post the next day. i also gave my other sister a cardboard cut out last week that we have taken some inappropriate photos with. the similarities are just a little to close for comfort. maybe we are like the flip side of each others really strange coin. alternate universe siblings. you definitely got the good life. so essentially if you were poor, chunky, and brunette…..this would be your life.

  6. Sarah Said:

    This. Post. Was. Amazing. You are so funny (and really pretty too!). This is my first time visiting your blog && I have to follow you now. I’m already hooked.

    xo, Sarah

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