January 16, 2013

An open letter to the person who is stealing my words

And to everyone who has “borrowed” from me in the past, or plans to in the future.

A blog is like a diary that is written for anyone to see. Many bloggers (parent bloggers, especially) blog as a release of sorts. A way to share what they’re going through and find other people who are going through the same things. We write because we love to write, and because people connect to it. Oftentimes, the people who read my blog tell me that I say the things that they have thought, but didn’t have the balls to say. Or they tell me that my brain works like theirs, and they just don’t know how to put it into words like I do. My writing in my blog and on my Facebook page, are little tidbits from my daily life, and odd little thoughts that go through my head. I share them because I enjoy it, and so do the people who read it.

What I write on this page, and my Facebook page, are mine. I have never used content someone else has written. I have never made up stories for entertainment value. I have never invented people or situations that don’t exist. I am straight up telling you MY story. In MY words. In MY own way. The fact that these stories are on the internet, and not in a book or a magazine, does not mean that they are free to take. 

Sometimes another Facebook fan page will steal one of my statuses and claim it as their own. Sometimes another blogger will lift things from my blog and publish it as their own. I find both of these things strange, especially the stolen statuses, because they are long and ranty and so uniquely “me” that I often wonder how they expect it to blend it with their own, usual content. People who have these pages and do that kind of thing are obviously people who want attention and have nothing worthwhile to offer up in exchange for that attention, so they use someone else’s words. It sucks to have that happen, but unfortunately, you get used to it.

Tuesday I experienced something new. I came across a Facebook fan page that was made up almost entirely of MY content. It included Facebook statuses that I had written, as well as paragraphs taken from this blog. Months and months of my words. Seeing an entire page made up of content taken from me, as well as some taken from other bloggers that I personally know, was upsetting. I was fired up and ready to kick some ass. Then something else happened.

A reader of mine alerted me that she had found the personal Facebook profile of the woman who was behind this page, and told me that I should have a look at it. What I found on that page changed my anger into something closer to fear. It’s one thing when someone hiding behind a fan page is pretending to be someone they’re not. That happens every day. But when someone is doing the same thing on their personal profile, that is NOT normal, and it’s disturbing as hell.

This woman’s page was like any of our personal pages; It had her photos, her friends, her family members. But the similarities to anything normal stopped there. Much like her fan page, nearly every single post on her personal page was mine. My statuses as well as portions of my blogs, all written down verbatim. The only difference being when she needed to change a name or a location to one that would fit her reality. She was telling her friends and family about dreams that were MINE. She was telling them about something that had happened to ME at the grocery store. She was telling them about something that MY child had said. She was telling them some phone conversation that I had. She was telling them all of these things and inserting her own names in place of mine.

Friends and family members were commenting about how funny and creative she was. You should write a book! You are so entertaining! She would thank them and say things like that’s just how my brain works. 

The thing is, it’s not. It’s not how your brain works. It’s how MY brain works. I have no freaking clue how YOUR brain works.

The feelings that I have about this are confusing, even to me. 

On one hand I think, wow, you must be a sad individual without any sort of life, or anything worthwhile to say, who craves attention and has a strong need to be loved and admired. When I think of it like that, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for a person who doesn’t have enough confidence to think that anyone would like them for being themselves, and feels this so deeply that you must pretend to be someone else.

On the other hand, I think this is bullshit. Scary, disturbing, messed up, psychopathic, insane, bullshit. I’m talking “It’s puts the lotion on it’s skin”, Single White Female, The Talented Mr. Ripley level insanity. This hand is overpowering the other, more empathetic, hand.

Just because I share parts of my life on the internet, that in no way means that my life is up for grabs. This is MY life. These are MY thoughts and words. These are stories about ME, MY husband, and MY child. To take these things and claim them as your own, to the readers of a Facebook fan page that you don’t actually know, is dishonest and manipulative. But to essentially take my life and claim it as your own to the people who know you, and, I assume, love and care about you? That is a whole other level. You are lying to everyone around you. They have no idea that they are being tricked into believing that you are someone you’re not. Have you taken even one moment to think about how they would feel if they knew what you were doing? If they knew that everything out of your mouth was a lie? And not only a lie, but someone else’s truth that you decided to “borrow”? Do you ever think about how upset, confused, and hurt they might be? Do you care?

On the flip side of that, do you think about how upset, confused, and frightened that I am? I have absolutely zero idea what is going on in your head, but I’m guessing that since you aren’t considering the feelings of your own friends and family, you aren’t even close to considering my feelings or those of my family. What do you think that it feels like to find out that someone is basically pretending to be you? Not in name. Not in the way you look. But to BE you. To take your thoughts and stories, and the cute things that your child says, and to claim them as their own? This is like trying to steal someone’s entire daily life life. This is not okay.

I don’t know what your reasons are for doing this, and I doubt I ever will, but you need to stop. You need to stop for yourself. You need to stop for your friends and family. And you need to stop for me. If you have nothing to say on the internet, then get off of the internet. Any praise or admiration you get from people in exchange for writing words that are not your own, is meaningless. They aren’t praising you. They are praising who they think you are. They are praising a lie. It’s immoral, it’s pathetic, it’s manipulative, and it’s scary as hell.

As a blogger I put myself out there. I put my family out there. I tell stories for people to enjoy. But I have a limit. I have a line that I don’t cross. There are stories I don’t tell. And just because I write things for you to read, doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve that limit and that line. I deserve some privacy and respect just like any other person does. My life is still mine. You can’t steal from it. You can’t pretend to be me. You can’t try to become me. Every word you read in every single blog, or column, or Facebook status, is someone else’s words. These words are not yours to take.

Things like this make me worry about my safety and the safety of my family. The person who did this may just be an insecure person who wants to be liked. But she may also be a person who wants to wear my skin. There’s no way of knowing. And that’s what’s scary. 

Years ago, when I started my blog, I never thought that so many people would read it. I never thought ahead and imagined that it might go way beyond my family and my friends. I didn’t think about the fact that telling little stories about my life might make me a target for plagiarism, or mean that I was going to have to deal with unstable people. I didn’t predict that I would someday be visiting the FBI with a file of threatening emails. Or that someone would essentially try to take on my identity. But just because I LOVE to write and to connect with people, doesn’t mean that my life is up for grabs. I am me. You are not. You have no right to pretend to be me. You need to come clean to the people who love you. You need to seek professional help. You need to learn to be comfortable in your own skin, because you can’t have mine.

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91 Responses to “An open letter to the person who is stealing my words”

  1. ilikebeerandbabies.com Said:

    I am SO SORRY. And scared for you. Hugs. and SHIVERS!

  2. Tracie Tha' Splash Wilson Said:

    For your sake and hers…I hope she reads this, and soaks it all in..to HER skin. I.Hope.

  3. Hillary Talley Said:

    You have class and wisdom, my dear. Those two things will never be stolen, nor can they be duplicated. This “person” needs help. I say that completely without malice and hope this pushes that person closer to finding the help he or she needs desperately.

  4. Humble Said:

    Well I wasn’t scared because I missed the action. But now I kind of am. She stole from me too. I don’t know if I want to know the extent of it at this point. I share so much of my daily musings and so much of my children that it’s things like this that make me question why. Like you, I have many people who support me and love me, but all it takes is one. Or two. Or five. Thanks person for tarnishing my ability to speak, even in the smallest way, I will always be thinking twice. That’s not fair to my followers and that’s not fair to me. Love to you Patti.

  5. DeBie Hive Said:

    There is only one YOU. I hope this doesn’t happen again. I have a copycat, but it’s nowhere near this level. There are those who say that it means you’ve made it big….but I’m not enjoying it, nor are you. Hang in there. Stay you. xo

  6. fsmith77 Said:

    So can we know this persons name so we can watch her? Or is that getting a little too freakishly creepy? Hate this has happened to you and the others. I hate thieves!!

  7. Patti Ford Said:

    I know who she is. I know quite a bit about her after yesterday. I have learned that I can’t be too careful. If I get even a hint of creepiness, I download all I can. You never know if you might need it.

  8. Sinnermom Said:

    I’m so glad you were able to find her identity and, hopefully, stop her. You have made me laugh out loud and snot soda out my nose so many times that I need a sneeze shield for my PC. I’d hate that someone like that could do this to you and by default, us! Is there a way you can block people from accessing your stuff on FB when you have a public profile? It would be nice for FB to provide that kind of support to you. Yikes. Good unicorn-like thoughts sent your way!

  9. Anonymous Said:

    What Sinnermom said.

  10. kathleenkendallmartin Said:

    “CATFISH” should do an episode on this experience.


  11. Anonymous Said:

    Exactly what I was thinking

  12. Anonymous Said:

    Love this idea!

  13. Amber Said:

    YES!!!Brilliancy!! Do CATFISH. That would be awesomeness for sure. AND Nev will take you to the Unicorn farm as well. He’s cool like that!

  14. Anonymous Said:

    I was totally thinking Catfish the whole time I was reading this….wow….

  15. Dixie Smith Said:

    Holy Moly, Be careful and safe you may have busted her bubble !

  16. Amanda Uhl Said:

    Weird. Can you block her from your facebook pages? Have you reported her to Facebook? Not sure they can do anything about it but it would be worth a shot. Love you Patti. Don’t let anyone steal your spork. <3

  17. Truly Said:

    I totally agree, Amanda. FB should be able to do something about this. SOMETHING has to be done because it’s just frickin’ WRONG! Hang in there, Patti. We all love you!

  18. Anonymous Said:

    They can delete her profile completely and block her known url. Stalking is illegal, even on the web. I dont want to scare you more but please watch your back and file a restraining order if she attempts to contact you in any way AT ALL. I will pray for ur safety constantly. Hopefully he loved ones get her help.

  19. Anonymous Said:

    If she is reported by enough people as stealing content on the fan page and personal page they will investigate and shutdown the page. I have had to do that because another page was using photos that were mine.

  20. Anonymous Said:

    Maybe you should call the Catfish show 🙂

  21. Lisa Said:

    I shared your story on FB just as a warning to others who might blog. I have a blog, as well & I throw myself out there, too. This is just scary. I am SO sorry this happened to you and to Humble. Just terrible.

  22. Beth Said:

    Patti, I’m a blogger and this situation you’re in scares the shit out of me. I’m freaked out for you and for all of us who put our words and ourselves out here online. You wrote a powerful response to this and maybe this creepy bitch will pack up her Fakey McFakerton profile (and page!) and head on back to whatever basement lair she must surely have. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for this response. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Peace, B.

  23. eesha Said:

    Truly disturbing. I love your new blurb about plagiarizing on the sidebar, by the way.

  24. My Latte Brings All the Boys to the Yard Said:

    It was super smart of you to locate her personal page and get info on her prior to posting this. I hope it ceases and nothing else comes of it.

  25. Anonymous Said:

    I hope you are able to get both of her sites shut down on FB. As a writer, I understand the frustration that comes with seeing your work plagerized, or in your case, completely stolen, but you’re right – this goes way beyond the scales on batshit crazy.

  26. Dani H Said:

    I often share your words, statuses, parts of your blog posts, ideas, whatever but it usually starts with with saying to my bf “Listen to this mom’s story, you aren’t the only one who puts up with a brain like mine.” Or it consists of a quirky post you wrote screenshotted, with your name included. So my friends know where to find your other entertaining words. The Internet is a scary place yo. I feel for ya, I like my own skin on my own body & all too!

  27. the robot mommy Said:

    This woman has no idea who she is dealing with. The network of bloggers is strong and even if we don’t know each other, we know each other, you know?
    Lets hope someone sees her for who she really is and leaves a “Um, I think you took that from Patti’s page.”

    She needs to be called out. Flattery or not, it’s just not acceptable.

  28. Anonymous Said:

    I think the name should be revealed. Her anonymity is her power. Take it away and good luck.

  29. Elmor Said:

    …now there’s irony for you-anonymous

  30. Tami L Fendley Said:

    Well said. Clear, strong and to the point. So glad you remain true to what you enjoy and continue to write for the fans and friends that enjoy the YOU in your blog and Facebook page. I know that I would smile a lot less if one cracked egg destroyed it all.

  31. Stephanulie Birch-Wixom Said:

    This is just creepy!I’m so sorry this is happening to you. As a blogger I hope that never happens to me, but I know the reality is that this world is full of crazy people. And not the kind of crazy that means kookie like that character Dharma on Dharma and Greg. No, the world is full of weirdos and crazies that stalk people while wearing a hoodie and listening to “Every Breath You Take (I’ll be Watching You)” on an iPod. Let’s be thankful that you are the kind of crazy that we love. Karma has a way of dealing with weirdos like this chica.

    Stephanie D. Birch

  32. Wendi Said:

    If this cow makes a post saying that YOU are stealing HER stuff, RUN!!

  33. Anonymous Said:

    Send your links to her friends PM. Don’t blast her but just the link and say something like Does ____________ status look anything like this? Let her go on with her game and her friends will think she’s a doofbag and eventually someone will call her out. – Jay

  34. Kim G Said:

    I think that’s an excellent idea! If she no longer has an audience, she won’t feel the need to continue her plagerism. She may even actually get a life!

  35. Peggy Parker Coons Said:

    Hey the one saving grace you have my dear? YOUR WORDS have brought laughter and joy to cancer patients, people with major illnesses, financial troubles, really serious problems. YOUR WORDS about YOUR LIFE have raised money for charities that you chose for their contributions to the world at large. YOUR WORDS have made a difference to the world at large, not just the blogosphere, not just the internet, to real flesh and blood human beings, laughing until they cry about YOU and your silly ball-sporking buttsecking life. You keep on, keepin’ on – however you need to! And call us in as reinforcements as needed. We rock at kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

  36. tina.ari Said:

    I just had the creepiest thought of her turning this blog around into being about her…saying that someone else was stealing “her” words. I agree with Hillary Talley: you have so much more than this thief does!! You have morals and honesty on your side. And real fans who know that YOU are the real Eminem…I mean Patti. Yeah, Patti. Sending you all kinds of good thoughts.

  37. Shawna Said:

    If that happens they could just check dates of posting and see that miss creepy is the liar and deal with her then. Hopefully this chick can get some help. Praying for you Patti! VERY SCARY!

  38. Anonymous Said:

    I hope this isn’t anyone that found you through me….Actually, only 7 of my friends have liked your page, even though I ask them to all of the time-a*holes! I don’t think I have ever ‘shared’ any of your stuff, but I have asked my friends to go like your page (and Humble’s)….I am sorry you had to deal with that, that is pretty scary, but I agree with ‘Anonymous’ up there ^^, I think you should ‘out’ this person and notify anyone she has tagged as family, because that just sounds like she might need some help. xoxo

  39. Anonymous Said:

    I would be scared shitless if i were u i would go to the police

  40. SaneInSD Said:

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but everything up to what appears to be copied statuses on her personal page has been blocked from public view. I am a stranger to her and can only view the stolen content. Prior entries are, apparently, only viewable by those on her friend list. That seems strange, almost as if she’s wanting only the stolen content to be seen. I’m not sure what that means in the context of her personality or end game, but bears noting.

  41. Tresa Stone Said:

    I am just astounded by this, I look up to you as a blogger because of your creativity. I haven’t seen anyone steal your stuff but I am now intrigued to find out who this person is. I know there have been at least 2 fake FB accounts pretending to be me and that was scary because I am me and have my own. I hope you have personally confronted this person since you found their profile (I would like to know how it was found cause that’s some ninja skills). I hope for your sake, and theirs, they read this and decide to stop. I like reading your happy unicorn ranch, zombie filled, 200 farts in the morning posts. They make me laugh. I hope you don’t stop because of this person and I pray that they will be honest and stop lying to their family and friends.

  42. redfire_angel75 Said:

    Maybe she needs to be called out on her pages to let her friends & family know what she’s up to…not to start trouble, but to get her help. Unfortunately she may be oblivious as to what she’s doing is wrong. I think people like that live in some sort of “dream world”. I hope things get better for you Patti, and any other person she took from. This person truly does need a mental health evaluation.

  43. mzcarrie Said:

    The respect I had for you just multiplid by infinity. You chose to deal with this situation firmly, fairly and honestly. I’m glad that one of your readers pointed this out to you, and I’m glad that you now know, because this is creepy as shit. It passes the point of flattery when she tried to steal your life and portray it as hers. I sincerely hope that she recognizes and realizes that what she did was terribly, terribly wrong. It reminds me of Angela from Catfish. Creepy. Shit. Anywho, I’m proud of you Patti, for continuing to be awesome even in the face of this insaneness. Where’s Darryl and his crossbow when you need him?

  44. MommieDawn Said:

    Holy crap! Time to get a low jack on the crazy just to know where she is at any given time. SCARY!

  45. mollyfielddotcom Said:

    Thanks for speaking up, eloquently and without abuse and with an amazing amount of compassion for those of us who write online. It’s one of the reasons I don’t write so much about my kids or my marriage or personal life. It’s one of the reasons people who don’t know me won’t get to know me.

    In your case, your notoriety has worked for you and the authentic relationship you’ve crafted with your readers has shown they love and support you. I don’t want you to let this tarnish you or keep you from sharing who you are. You have support, I hope this never happens again to you.

    Peace. -M

  46. Katy Brown Said:

    JFC, Patti. I’m so sorry to read about this. Like some other people have said, I missed a lot of the action early yesterday. I’m sure you’re going above and beyond to protect your family and yourself. This is the kind of thing I think of every time I think it might be cool to be famous. Not only is your life no longer your own (so many people think you OWE them because they know who you are), but there are some seriously crazy people out there. This is also one of the reasons I will always, always, always have at least one rather large dog. Period. My hounds are sweethearts, but I’m pretty sure they would make lunch out of anybody that got funny with me or my husband. Thinking of you (sanely) and sending safe, protective thoughts. Take good care.

    Katy Brown

  47. Anonymous Said:

    I would be scared there are women out there that are stalkers, just what if she is not right in the head well of course she isn’t to be doing these things. Is there a way to stop her?

  48. Anonymous Said:

    It puts the loquaciousness in the basket. 🙂

  49. Joules (from Pocketful of Joules) Said:

    I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and as a fellow blogger this scares the shit out of me. I only hope that you calling her out gives her the wake up call she needs to stop. And hopefully get some help. I really, really hope she’s more of the pathetic type who is doing this for the attention, rather than the creepy ‘wear your skin’ type.

  50. Anonymous Said:

    I have actually never seen your blog but I will most certainly start following alaong. I am sorry about what has happend to you. Even though you are writing a blog it is really no different than writing a actual book. I a movie called The Words not to long ago and this reminds me of that movie. I wonder if there is some way that you can get your writing protected? There has to be something that can be done to get her in trouble for stealing your information.

  51. JHP Said:

    For lack of a better word: yikes. That girl needs help. I mean, really. She’d have to be crazy to think that she WOULDN’T be found out.

    P.S. Any chance y’all can settle this via an old-fashioned duel? But instead of pistols, you are armed with a cat, anus up! 😉

  52. SSAHM Said:

    After taking a look at her fake page, and all the hate people were shouting at her, including myself, I realized she has a serious problem and needs help. My entire life I felt the need to lie to be better than who I was, I would lie about so much…most prominent pointless lie was in regards to a shaving cut I had on my ankle- I told a nurse that I had given blood earlier that day and they couldn’t find a vein in my arm so they went for my ankle, why? Because I was sick…I was a teenager back then and have since changed quite drastically, but I still suffer for my lies, lost friends and family members who feel they can’t trust me. Although the creepiness factor of this incident worries me for you and your family, I am also worried about the amount of hate being sent to this person because of it. She obviously has a low self esteem issue as is, more hate and realizing she may lose everything in her life could cause her to be suicidal. My personal advice is to 1. Notify the authorities if you haven’t already, and 2. Write her a private message telling her she needs help. Everyone hits rock bottom, this is hers.

  53. kathleenkendallmartin Said:

    I deeply & wholeheartedly agree

  54. xanaxmommy Said:

    That’s just creepy freaky scary. *hugs*

  55. Anonymous Said:

    YOu know she might post this as well and then put a link to your page!! Seeing as shes already taken everything else you should block her from your page or report it to FB

  56. Mina Klonopina Said:

    Some of my stuff was stolen too. I didn’t see the personal page, but I hope to god I wasn’t in it. People tell me all the time that they want to be like me and I always say, “If you truly do, then you must not have read my blog.”

    Word. Every damn word. Love youse.

  57. Anonymous Said:

    I’m sorry this as happened to u there some really bad strange creepy and many more names I just don’t want to mention,hopefully u will b able to take care of this somehow…?

  58. Anonymous Said:

    this person is a sociopath http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissocial_personality_disorder#ICD-10

    She cannot understand what you’re saying or asking as she feels no empathy at all whatsoever. She will probably publish your book before you do. Be very careful! Wanna read a book? something like 1/24 people have some level of sociopathy – YIKES!

  59. Mahmster Said:

    Patti, I do not know Internet law or Facebook “law”, but I do know my police department has established an Internet Task Force that we can call and ask questions (like in THIS case — what precautions should you take? What can or should be done? Etc.). I know you need to also see what FB has to say (and that you don’t need me to tell you any of this, gah! Sorry — just creeped out now too and trying to help!). There are also Attorneys that specialize in prosecuting Internet issues (crimes, etc.) — I am not saying this to be “sue-happy” but to ask if this IS legal, if there are things you need to know to protect yourself (and your works, like a copyright or something), and just see if they feel writing a warning letter to this person — a “cease and desist” of sorts…… They may give a free initial consultation for you….. Just to cover YOU!! (((Hugs)))

  60. Jennifer Isa Workinprogress Said:

    Wow. Holy creepamoley. It’s so creepy and it’s SO SAD. I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling and I’m sorry you’ve gone through this. When I say something, it came out of MY tired ass brain and my dirty mouth, it’s MINE. All the good and all the bad, it’s ME. You can tell everyone in the world what I said if you start with, “oh man, listen to this funny thing Jen said.” I would feel so violated and weirded out and this person is… well, it’s one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard. Everyone should want to be THEMSELVES. But sheesh,I was just this morning talking about someone who Tweets things that are COMPLETELY untrue about themselves. Why? It’s so fucking lame. How do you read your feed and think, I want people to think I did this thing. Lame, sad, and creepy as a motherfucker. And again, I’m sorry you got Talented Mr. Ripley-ed.:(

  61. Anonymous Said:

    And here I thought people only “Catfished” to get online dates…

  62. Kim Hinojosa Said:

    There is only enough room in the world for 1 Patty Ford, and no room for a pretend, want to be Patty Ford!

  63. mew-luvs-mewtwo Said:

    This is scary.
    This happend with my sister in law, she doesn’t blog, she doesnt do much on facebook, but some girl, who was stalking her,
    Reposted every picture, And pictures she had taken,
    has Posted about things my Sister in law did,
    Talked like her in her posts
    But she had her own name and own friends. it was really really creepy.
    We found out where she lives and called the police, who never did anything, but i did, my sister in law would post pictures of US to, her only nephew my son on her facebook, which i didn’t really mind till that. what if the crazy came to me? -_-

    I confronted her in person, since the police couldnt’ or wouldn’t do crap about it. And I scared the shit out of her. My Sister in law, well lets just say she only sees my happy side, my bubbly side, my shy sweet side, but that’s just one side to me ^^ She thought i was this awesomely sweet person who was just going to tell her off, boy was she wrong. ^^ she has since left the state, and is gone hopefully for good, 🙁 if she ever shows up around anyone we know again though we can get a restraining order. ^^

    Good luck to you, and even though i’m not much of a poster, I love reading your stuff, makes me laugh a lot. which i need with an energetic toddler around.

  64. MeekoMommy Said:

    I’m sorry you went through this!!! Is she still out there with an active page? Can I stalk her now?

  65. Carol Richey Said:

    This very reason just validates why I tell my children not to give out any real info to anyone they don’t personally know and see on a consistent basis!! But Patti just know I totes understand your fear an insecurity but hope you don’t let her run you off as you are my daily dose of Prozac ,,,,and u r real!! U r very adult in how u handled this invasion into your life!! I am even more admiring of you!!<3

  66. Brandy Hensley Said:

    Holy shit, that is scary stuff. I read the comment yesterday about someone stealing your statuses and, while I thought it was odd, I pretty much had a “just ignore it” opinion. I think the Catfish thing is an excellent idea. The only difference I see to what they’re already doing is that you’re going in knowing it’s a fake person, but I think it would be great to meet this person in a controlled environment and have her explain herself. And, let’s be honest, it could get you some kick-ass publicity, too! No matter how you choose to handle it, though, be careful! People can be fucking scary crazy.

  67. Elle Reverie Said:

    I would be royally pissed about someone stealing my words and then chilled to the core about them essentially passing off my life s their own online. You have every right to feel concerned. In my case, if someone decided to take on my life I’d insist they take on my debt and the issues created by my ex…they are welcome to them! Stay strong and don’t let this go.

  68. Dru Said:

    Holy crap. That is a scary situation, I hope it turns out okay, and that it is the lesser of the two that she simply is insecure… *crosses fingers and hopes*

  69. Christal, The Real Housewife of Santee Said:

    That is extra creepy. The bright side? You’re so cool, someone wants to be you.

  70. amorninggrouch Said:

    Holy eff, that’s nuts! Super creepo.

  71. One Lost Girl Said:

    This is seriously creepy. I also have had this happen, not too long ago… a woman stole my trademark name (was Mandi Blue Lucero) chosen my birthday, and anything else she could get off my profile. When confronted, she swore anyone could have the same name, and birthday. HA. You went as far as to use my same MIDDLE name in my profile and didnt think I would question it? Crazy people, I tell you… this world is coming undone. SMDH.

    Hope you get some answers, and relief soon… I am scared for you, and your family. *huge hugs*

  72. Robin Hillyer Miles Said:

    Wow. That is scary. I do think you need to get a restraining order. Can you do that for plagiarism too?

    She, obviously, didn’t have any of the English teachers I had in school or she’d know how bad it is to plagiarize.

  73. Anonymous Said:

    Welcome to the real world

  74. Lauren Dootson Said:

    I’m so sorry all this craziness is happening; but can I just say that I totally cracked up when I read, “it puts the lotion on it’s skin.” LOL Love reading your stuff! Hopefully your little “borrower” will get the hint!

  75. Anonymous Said:

    I write poems I had one incident on MySpace were a Guy stole my poem but change Guy to girl. >_< then on MySpace my dumb ass had a local male pretend to like me. Everyday say nice sweet things to me made me feel good about myself and after long months of trying to meet it was my ex wife the whole time gaining information fuck the information. I thought someone liked me >_< it was a sick thing to do people are sick and you have to be careful online. I want to be a blogger but I'm scared to death if anyone truly knows my life story I can't hide my identity. I can't share my survival stories without being afraid the crazies won't finish me and kill me. I want a voice but don't have one. I' survived case closed I guess let me not add another story because I been warned to keep my mouth shut? ??????so for my protection I guess I'm silent

  76. Robin Said:

    I think this person’s name and page should be revealed. She took it upon herself to go to this level. She should face the consequences.What goes around, comes around. Who knows what other pages she’s stealing from.

  77. RachRiot Said:

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is truly creepy, Patty. I’ve had people steal my daily status and things like that but not my entire blog or identity. This is truly Single Whit Female bullshit right here. I would take that very seriously. I don’t want your head ending up in the freezer. For realzies. Is this beyotch in Houston??

  78. Abandoning Pretense Said:

    Wow. I’m worried for you (and Humble) because this woman really does sound like a person with severe mental illness. I hope her loved ones realize what is going on and try to get her some help. I had a person copy a blog post of mine, not in a creepy word-for word kind of way, just in a “I can’t think of anything to write so I’ll rephrase one of your posts” kind of way… Keep us updated on what happens with this lady… I know you will if you can. =) <3

    BTW this is the first post of yours that I’ve read wherein I didn’t choke on my drink or pee my pants.

  79. Amanda Bombard Said:

    I bet if every one of your fans did any real searching, a disturbing percent of them would find that they themselves have also been “stolen”

    There’s an increasing number of creepo’s out there, stealing pictures and online identities to create their own “world” online.

    I read a while back about people like this. They can be very scary! There’s a bunch of websites built entirely around exposing these weirdos. I had one bookmarked, but unfortunately I lost the bookmark when I got a new phone. One of the girls they exposed sounded an awful like a girl who stalked me online a few years ago. I had to entirely wipe out any and every internet account that I owned and start all new accounts (facebook, myspace, even emails). It was a huge pain in the ass, and beyond creepy.

  80. Anonymous Said:

    Patti- In addition to the FB, and internet task force reporting, I would suggest finding the geeekiest computer nerdiest security specialist to 1. protect your computers/network at your house and 2. well,if you can find one with any sense of justice…help you track down *ahem* cough*hack*down* HER IP addresses. Just a thought.

  81. PR Leary Said:

    Anonymous is right…this is one scary bitch and if I were in that position, with a family to protect, I would go above and beyond to have as much info about that person as possible…know thy enemy and all that jazz.

    Good luck with everything and definitely keep us posted.

  82. Sam's Rose Garden Said:

    This is beyond scary. You never know what people will do now-a-days… I hope you can get her page shut down and that will be the end of it! Hopefully…

  83. Kira Hodous Dare Said:

    Patti, your letter is written with such sincerity, honesty, and empathy. The support for you that follows both to this blog as well as to your FB page just proves that there are SO many concerned, thoughtful, and loving people out there. I can only imagine how much all of this outpouring of support means to you, especially now. As always, paying attention is paramount. ALL of us need to do so. In your much more public position, it is most evident that you do.
    You are so sincerely respected, as a WRITER, regardless of your content. You are genuinely kind and sensitive when needed and then hysterically funny on all of the right occasions. I think most all of us have sincerity and funny in us, but expressing these emotions through brilliant WRITING is an art. THIS is why you have so many fans!
    Please know that I feel much empathy for you having read what this person has done. I have been encouraged to and am considering blogging myself. I want to be ME, in MY way, writing in MY style, and sharing MY funny shit. Reading YOUR blog and FB statuses have been a great inspiration to me. Maybe some day I actually will!
    Hold your head high, and keep on keepin on, as someone wrote above. YOU are loved and respected for being YOU.
    Peace to you and to your family Patti.

  84. Anonymous Said:

    She had pics of “dumpster baby” spaz dancing. ..saying it was her!….

  85. Peggy Said:

    I learned my lesson about trusting people. About a year ago or so, I was friends with someone on fb. I had never met her, but three other women in our group had. She was a really interesting person and we had some things in common. Turns out she was a complete fraud. The only real thing on her fb wall was her picture. She pretended that she was from Scotland (I believe she was really from Chicago) and she had written a book. She let me read it to get feedback. It was actually quite good. Then one of the other women discovered she was lying to all of us. We never did find out why. Now she has self-published her book under a different name. It’s a very odd feeling to know that you were completely fooled. I hope you are able to get some closure on your stalker.

  86. Carolyn Coppola Said:

    I am so sorry this has happened. I read this late last night & it actually caused me to lose sleep, tossing and turning. It’s frightening that people would actually stoop to these levels stealing such personal “life journey” moments. I just released my first book on Motherhood and I’ve thought so much about the stuff I’ve put out there and hope and pray that something that was meant to bring laughter and light to motherhood won’t cause any undue stress to my family, most importantly to my children 🙁 sad world we live in. I absolutely love your blog by the way!!! Just discovered it through “theCoolgirl.com”

  87. Anonymous Said:

    DID YOU KNOW…. If you go to her facebook profile and click the little drop down menu that has options like Report/Block and you go to that menu, there is a hyperlink at the bottom of the window that says, “Is this your intellectual property?” I’m not sure if that would help you (I found it on a friend’s page and I don’t want to click it in case it messes something up) but maybe you could click that link and it would take you to a page where you could report her for stealing your intellectual property or something. Just a thought, maybe you’ve already done it or something, but I thought I’d throw it out there 🙂

  88. rychefan84 Said:

    That is incredibly scary for sure Patti as everyone has said above and from one person that puts themselves out there as well by blogging i know the feeling except of course i am nowhere near to the level that you are but nevertheless that is incredibly scary hope you are able to put a stop to it

  89. Linnea Hickman Said:

    WOW! Scary, weird, like possibly being in a Twilight Zone Episode… 🙁

  90. PhatPinkyz Said:

    holy cow! that is freaky weird! i hope that there is something you can do to get it to stop … i have a frenemy like that (ok, now she is juct an enemy but it took me a while to get here …) … we bought a certain car, she bought a certain car; we bought a truck, she bought the same truck; we put our kid in an activity, she put her kid in the same; i took a class, she took the same class; i bought a pair of jeans, she bought the same pair … its actually REALLY disturbing … at first it seemed like she was doing things to be around my husband but a firend pointed out all the stuff she did/bought etc that i had and it REALLY freaked me out! … i truley hope you can get this sorted … not only is it creepy but its like being broken into – you get a feeling of being violated! take care! xod

  91. Lill Hawkins Said:

    Scary and off pissing stuff. Happens to me sometimes also. I used to think it was flattering. Now I think it’s stealing and pathetic.

    This kind of stuff is one reason that I’m glad that I’ve never used my real name on the Net. Not that someone couldn’t find it out, probably, if they spent enough money and time on it, but at least they’d have to work at it. Besides, they’d never make it up my driveway unless they came here on the two summer days when it’s passable.

    Shine On,

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