October 23, 2012

No puppies were killed in the making of this blog

So there’s been a cartoon making the rounds on Facebook for quite awhile now, that people have been posting on my wall and emailing to me many times a week for what feels like eons. And in case you didn’t know, an eon is the longest division of geologic time containing two or more eras. And I’m no expert on eras or any other time-related things, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a really long-ass time. And actually, if I were a professor in whatever the hell it was in which they discussed eons and geological crap like that, I’d tell my students to just call it a really long-ass time instead of eon. I would want my class to be all casual and friendly and I would wear cardigans with elbow patches and I’d climb on desks and recite poetry and perform musical numbers to inspire them. And I’d also probably forget to go to class a lot and then get fired and then they’d have some sort of poetic musical situation to raise awareness on my firing and get me re-hired.

But as usual I’m way off point.

The point is supposed to be the cartoon that I adore that was given to me a bazillion and 3 times:
Now you know why so many people sent me this. If you know me at all then you know that it is THE PERFECT cartoon for me. It could only be more perfecter if the unicorn was wearing a beer can helmet full of Modelo. 

I’ve loved that cartoon long time, but never knew who drew it until a friend of mine (Thanks, Brent) sent me a link to this dude named Sebastien Millon’s website because he thought it would be something that I would like. Well, strangely enough, it happened to be the site for the artist of this very cartoon that I adored. I nearly died as I went through all of his work. Yes, all. And there’s a whole lot too. And I loved each picture more than the last. And I quickly realized something: I totally and completely understand this person’s brain. The more cartoons I looked at the more I realized that this dude was somehow hooked into my brain. His artwork is super cute and perky. His characters are adorable. And on first glance you might think “Awe….that is so cute and sweet!” and then you look closer, and you read the caption, and you’re like “Holy balls! WTF did I just read?” 

And that’s kinda what I feel like sometimes. Sweet and normal on the outside but all kinds of WTF on the inside.

Here are a few of my many favorites:

I immediately felt a kinship with Sebastien, so I decided to send him an email. 

After sending the email I realized that since he is way more awesome than me, he probably gets waaaayyyy more email than me. And I get a lot. So I decided to write to him again and in the subject line I put “If you don’t read this, puppies will die!” Since he draws lots of animals I figured that even though some of the animals in his drawings are murderers and murderees, he was still probably an animal lover and would not want to kill real-life non-cartoony puppies. Well, it worked. He could have easily been branded a puppy killer, but he saved himself by writing me back pretty quickly, and I like to think that we bonded. I mean, it’s totally possible that if you asked him he may perhaps refer to it as more of a “She stalked me and I only wrote her back because I thought she might actually kill some freaking puppies and blame it on me,” kinda situation. But I prefer to think it’s the whole bonding thing. So we went back and forth a bit and yada yada yada, he drew this new blog banner for me that even includes little fat baby ducks with jet packs (cuz you guys know how bad I want a jet pack), and a squirrel (cuz you know my history with squirrels), and his trademark Unicorns and Bunny, and I designed a whole new blog around it. Well, I mentally designed it but hired a creative guy named Bill to actually take the stuff from my head and put it on the screen, because I am barely computer literate enough to run this blog, let alone make a whole website blog thingamajiggy.

Sebastien’s drawings make me happy. They are what my Pattitopia looks like in my head: colorful, fun, perky, sweet, weird, with an underlying and sometimes blatantly overlying dose of freaky. One minute things are nice and calm, and the next minute they might go horribly awry. Like his cartoons, I think that people will be all “Oh my! This blog looks like an 8-year-old girl threw up all over it! It’s adorable!” Then they’ll start to read a few blog posts and be all “This woman makes me giggle AND kinda scares the poop outta me at the same time. I am so confused!” And this confusion is something that I kinda like.

I hope you guys like it too. If you don’t you’d be wise to protect your teeth, because Bunny is going to kick them in. 

A HUGE thank you to Sebastien Millon for being so wonderfully gracious and lovely. AND for saving the puppies, AND for responding to my email. AND for making me this amazingly perky banner. He couldn’t be any nicer. Please go see his work on his website and like his page on Facebook (links below). And thank you to Bill Downey for making the rest of the page fit in with the banner. I know you wanna kill me now because of how bossy I am, but please don’t, or you’ll get your teeth kicked in by Bunny too. That Bunny. He’s a badass.

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192 Responses to “No puppies were killed in the making of this blog”

  1. RachRiot Said:

    Holy balls, that’s awesome! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? I’m glad you two had a meeting of the minds, if not the genitals. I know, you’re married. But there could be some fully-clothed platonic humping just for banner-drawing sheer gratitude. Ot Patti-tude. I’m gonna like Sebastien’s FB page right now!

  2. Amy Perry Said:

    Your new banner looks amazing. The artwork is just hilarious!

  3. Jennifer Dickinson Said:

    Love it!!

  4. Samantha hieatt Said:

    It is always amazing when you can connect to someone even electronically that flies the same wavelengths you do! Super cool that he made the banner for your blog! I love it!

  5. Flamenco92627/ Julieta Said:

    I love his art!

  6. YKIHAYHT Said:

    This is amazing. Love the new look and your brain.

  7. lillie leyendecker Said:

    Love it!

  8. Melissa Said:

    Ooohhh! I’m commenting! The Fat Beet one is to me what Badass Unicorn is to you. <3 it!

  9. Jenni Wood Said:

    The best!! Lol

  10. Ann Cognito Said:

    With a side of spectacular.

  11. mary Said:

    Ooooo…its so purdy!

  12. Jenni Wood Said:

    Love his etsy shop lol

  13. Ginger Hartman Said:

    I wish Bunny would go to school with my kid….then he could kick in some idiots kid’s teeth and just strut his little fluffy ass away.

  14. Heather Slavens Said:

    Patti—As usual, you are awesome!! I will go and check out his site! His artwork is hilarious!! Thanks for cheering up my days!!

  15. Cyn St.Clair Said:

    Love. Everything. That is all. Smooches, Cyn
    A.D.D. Music Mamma

  16. Shawna W. Said:

    I love, love, love the banner and new design!!. It’s Patti’s brain brought to life. You two, Patti & Sebastien, are a perfect pair of artistic awesomeness. I love you both individually so I can only imagine what kind of collaborations you could create. Thank you, both for sharing and entertaining the world!

  17. Nancy Said:

    Currently, the odds are in my favor ; )

  18. Mary Haywood Said:

    OMG! That banner is freakin AWESOME! Let the modelo crown wearin unicorn dry humping begin! LOVE LOVE LOVE you and Sebastien 🙂

  19. Linda Said:

    I simply cannot get enough of you Patti!!! And you can bet your sweet wackadoodle ass I’m going to check out Sebastien’s sites!

  20. Kristin H Said:

    Love this! Love you! Love him! It’s a big ol’ hippy love fest minus the nasty patchouli, nappy dreads and hairy armpits….

  21. amy.farley@hotmail.com Said:

    I am a craaaaaazy cat freak and I freakin love the dead mouse hat. Love, Love, Looooooooooove it!!!

  22. carrie baxter Said:

    Love the new Banner and his awesomeuniqueness is almost as good as your amazinghilariousness.

  23. April Hubbel Said:

    Very nice. Love the new look!

  24. Deborah Said:

    Love the new banner!

  25. Angie Said:

    You make me smile…always! Thanks for introducing us to Sebastien!

  26. Marybeth Said:

    LOVE THIS!!!! It’s like the best of both worlds!!!!!

  27. Valia Tabor Said:

    So cool that sassy unicorns brought two kindred spirits together! I wanna win this longtime!! You both rock!

  28. joelayne glover Said:

    I <3 Sebastian. I might need to get a unicorn tattoo...

  29. Christine Stager Said:

    Truly awesome banner. Love It!!!

  30. Dragonfly76 Said:

    Wow what a team you two will make! I don’t know if I’m a little scared or so excited I could poop. I’m headed to his shop now. If I don’t make it back just assume the hub offed me for spending money on craziness!

  31. Kirsten Said:

    I love your new banner!!! I think he totally gets you 🙂
    Because of you, I am a huge Sebastian Millon fan! YAY

  32. Amanda Knee Said:

    You are epic.

  33. Tangled Said:

    your banner is very apropo. I’m diggin the rainbow tug o’ war

  34. Laura Lorenz Said:

    You have the best blog now with the best artwork, love it!

  35. Sarah Gray Said:

    His work is awesome. I’d rate it better than angry birds and right up there with angry bunny. Very creative!

  36. jennifer Said:

    I love his work!!! I love ur blogs!!! Lol I start my morning with you guys, ur great!!

  37. Mike Russian Said:

    Love the new look and Sebastiens work. Went to his site as soon as I saw the post on your page. Trying to decide which shirts I’m going to order. Keep up the awesome work.

  38. Christine Said:

    Love love love!!!!!

  39. Willette Laird Said:

    Sebastian Millon is awesome!! I would love to have $75 worth of his stuff. And you’re pretty ok, too. 🙂

  40. Anonymous Said:

    !! 🙂

  41. Kymberli Addison Said:

    Love the new look!

  42. Libby T. Said:

    His stuff is just so FANTASTICAL! Thanks for steering me his way-much appreciated!

  43. Elizabeth Said:

    “Kindred spirits y’all are.” -redneck Yoda

  44. Unknown Said:

    Haha, love the bunny!

  45. Tiffany S Said:

    Too cute! Love the banner and his cartoons are great!

  46. Carmen Cook Said:

    Love it! He has awesome pics…

  47. SoberTina Said:

    You had me at ” Sweet and normal on the outside but all kinds of WTF on the inside.”

  48. Faul's Said:

    You are the best…. Love it

  49. stina Said:

    I checked out his site after reading about him in your post last week…absolutely hilarious!!!

  50. Top Shelf To You Said:

    Hey I want a jet pack too! Then we could fly around the world kicking people in the back of the head and then take off really fast so they think they are crazy. It will be done. Oh yes it will be done

  51. Top Shelf To You Said:

    So freaking funny! So glad you found who was responsible for such discusting humor. lmao!!!

  52. Valentina Volcinschi Said:

    When I discovered Sebastian, I went through ALL the illustrations on his Facebook account in one take. When I was done, I was completely 100% sure that I was a big fat fluffy psycho killer fat beet lover ninja mother fucking awesome badass duckrabbitowlie. I loved it.

  53. Sandra Chapin Said:

    LOVE HIM! It kinda makes me sad that he had an illegitimate childhood, though, not once setting his head on fire. I did it. Legit.

  54. Unknown Said:

    Love it!

  55. Unknown Said:

    Love it!

  56. Libby T. Said:

    His stuff is FANTASTICAL! Thanks for steering me his way!

  57. Danielle Vaughn Said:

    I love your mentality, I feel the same way some days and reading your posts lightens my mood!

  58. LilUgly89 Said:

    Looking at his site now and it is super spectacular loving your new look too!

  59. maryjquitecontrary Said:

    Love it all!

  60. Sh!t, Poop and Pooh Said:

    No matter what the subject; whether it be your blog or FB post, you can make me laugh. Hysterically! I have a 4 legged roommie named Roxie. Roxie will sit and stare at me when I am in hysterical mode, because we all know when you hit hysterical mode, snorts start. Thank you for putting a smile on my face all day and causing me to burst out in laughter throughout the day, most times being in a public location – cuz all of a sudden, my random thought process that tickles the trigger for the hysteria will stop on some random memory file and I will make a little snort remembering something you wrote! Keep feeding that crazy brain of yours those hilarious ideas!!!!! <3

  61. Angie Gutierrez Said:

    His characters are so cute! My 8 yr old would love the shit outta that bunny! She’s obsessed with drawing them. Love this page 😉

  62. Stacy Richards Said:

    Both you guys are awesome!

  63. Christine Said:

    Drunky bear wants to win something. Thanks

  64. Brent Sieckman Said:

    YAY!!! Love the new layout, and I’m stoked that I played a small part in all this nonsense.

  65. Mamma Wilkins Said:

    Love it!

  66. MissKelly Said:

    LOVE IT!! You and I have similar brain activity… I’m almost certain I feel the same way about you as you do about this unicorn guy, only I’m almost scared to stalk you (you know badass bunnies, I only know a chipmunk with an anger problem), and I’m pretty sure I dot have it in me to threaten the lives of hypothetical puppies, but I do love your blog and hope to someday have a mom blog like yours 🙂 you inspire me!!

  67. Kirsten Said:

    His cartoon dudes are cuter than my kids 😉

  68. Ashley Williams Said:

    I love it!

  69. MissKelly Said:

    LOVE IT!! I seriously think you and I have the same brain activity… I’m having a moment like you had with this unicorn guy, only I’m kinda scared to stalk you (you know badass bunnies, I only know chipmunks with a short temper), I don’t think I could ever threaten the lives of puppies, and it seems as though you are far too famous to notice a budding crazy mom blog in training like me… But in anycase,

  70. Anonymous Said:

    I Love ur blog and Facebook page. They are so so funny.

  71. Jill Klein Said:

    Are you sure you guys aren’t related?

  72. organicmomma Said:

    That’s awesome! I love the unicorn one! Sweet that two bad ass unicorn minds came together!

  73. Nicole Carlson Said:

    Love the new banner!!! Thank you so much for recommending him. I like his page thanking him for saving the puppies and have been looking at his work almost daily since then!! I LOVE IT!

  74. Rae Sherk Said:

    I already “Liked” him. Cause him and his bunny are both badass.

  75. Simo Said:

    Love the new drawing. Funny blog.

  76. Kirsten Said:

    I love owlie’s fat beat, too.

  77. Leslie Robertson Said:

    So at first I read this when there were 12 comments and I was on my mobile and thought you were insaner than you credit yourself, because I couldn’t see any damn new logo. And lo and behold I had to switch to the web version to see the awesomeness. I love you, you make my day and I am so happy that you found your artsy soul mate.

  78. Sarah Said:

    I love his art work! Especially Ninja bears…yes!

  79. ThatGirlSaid Said:

    So cute and so wrong! Mission accomplished.

  80. eesha Said:

    Love it. Perfect collaboration of two sweet badasses.

  81. charlene green tjaden Said:

    Keep on keeping on Patti….I am so freaking happy that I found you and your brain and thankful for all that you have turned me on to…kind of makes you sound like a drug dealer….

  82. Martha Payne Said:

    I love the cartoons, your blog, really everything about you! Thanks for the laughs!

  83. Aida Said:

    Your banner is awesomesauce! Thanks for introducing me to a great artist (although, my daughter has actually showed me a lot of his work)and his FB page. And as usual, your bloggy-blogs make my heart happy and my head hurt (in a great way!) 🙂

  84. Anonymous Said:

    very cool!

  85. AKAmber Said:

    “She scares me.” Damn straight squirrel…

    Love the new look (is it sad that I had to read the entire blog post to be certain it was even still your blog?) I was highly confused at first but I caught on after the mention of unicorns, squirrels and the teeth-kicking bunny.

  86. Edith Myfist Said:

    Sweet! Love the new banner as it is totally amazing! I love his cartoons! They make me happy.

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    Love the new look!!! Looking at it makes me happy!!! :^D

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    I do believe that you two are the new Dynamic Duo! LOVE IT!!

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    I had that unicorn pic as my Facebook profile pic before! I absolutely LOVE it! I also have a unicorn head tattooed on my shoulder, so I totally understand the love of the unicorns. Oh and your blog and Facebook posts are amazing, hilarious, and always put a smile on my face. Keep up the awesome work! And yeah, it’d kick total ass to win $75 bucks to buy some unicorn swag 😀

  90. realeanita Said:

    Sooooo, YOU are the one who got me Hooked on Sebastion Millon?!?!?! awesome, i love it!

  91. Lacey S Said:

    I want my own personal badass unicorn banner. Maybe someday…

  92. Katy Brown Said:

    Oh, you two. I’m so happy that you found each other, and by found each other I mean Patti cyber-stalked Sebastien and almost picked a fight with PETA so we could enjoy his work. God bless you and your WTF, Patti. And Sebastien, you might want to start sleeping with one eye open, on account of you never know. Mazel tov!

  93. jamie green Said:

    That would be awesome! Love your blog!

  94. Unknown Said:

    That’s awesome

  95. 4985c77c-cf9e-11e1-99aa-000f20980440 Said:

    OMG!!! I’m lurving his stuffs! And I love love love your new mother-trucking awesomeness on your blog page!!! Love your silliness & all the beautiful crazy you bring to the world!

  96. Shivering Cactus Said:

    Love! Love! Love!

  97. Kate Bergman Said:

    Unicorns. Badass. Enuf said.

  98. dianabeebe Said:

    This is so perfect! I have to admit that I don’t know your history with squirrels. I have a history with squirrels (well, one), too. Congrats on the new banner–it’s beautiful.

  99. bttrfli3 Said:

    Love it! Thanks for giving me the scoop on Sebastien. Between the two of you, I giggle A LOT.

  100. Erica Said:

    Thanks for introducing me to Sebastien’s artwork and for making me laugh throughout the day.

  101. carrie coburn Said:

    My ID won the battle today but I didn’t realize it till one of my students asked why I was wearing my house shoes.

  102. Rachel1108 Said:

    I’m glad you posted links to his content AFTER your post. As much as I enjoy reading your blog, once I got started with all the images, I was hooked! Love you both!

  103. Tyron Demmer Said:

    Wow, I’m sorry but I think I may love Sebastian Millon more than you now 😛

  104. Kathy Day-Staggs Said:

    I’m not concerned with winning, since I’m not sure how to actually accomplish purchasing something online without screwing it up. But I am stuck at home most generally, due to Lupus and heart disease complications. Your blog and FB page keep me upbeat. Thank you for all the laughs!

  105. TeacherJ Said:

    Every time you mention your problem with squirrels, it reminds me of a friend of mine. In college, she had similar issues with the campus rodents. . .ahem, squirrels. They actually threw nuts at her from a tree and hit her one day.

  106. Kathleen Said:

    I love the new blog page. And the banner. Awesomeness.

  107. Laura Said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the both of y’all!! Your writing always makes me laugh, and his cartoons are freaking awesome!! How exciting for you two to merge your minds and come up with this new blog/look!!

  108. Two Sisters and a Blawg Said:

    Ooooo… very unicorny in here now. Me likey. lol

  109. Anonymous Said:

    love the look all you need is a sloth

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    Oh great awesome queen of the unicorns, your blog get better and better.

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    Nice work, both of you crazy ass mofos!

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    sweetness as usual.

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    It’s perfection…as expected!! Love it long time! 🙂

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    Love the new look and the new cartoons.

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    I am addicted to reading everything you write 🙂 & your banner is extra awesome!

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    The banner is TOTALLY AWESOMENESS! LOVE the cartoons, reminder to never take life too seriously!

  117. kate morrison Said:

    Omg u crack me up. Love the teeth kicking bunny and the new page!!

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    Such a cute banner and amazing new layout!! So glad the two of you got together to make this amazingness come together! Love the little chicks with jet packs!!

  119. Anna Hoffman Said:

    Holy Pointy Horned Unicorns with mustaches Batman, this new; cartoons drawn by Sebastien Millon blog design is just what the Dr ordered! (Well, we all know he probably really ordered an ungodly amount of Modelo, but hey, whatever!)

  120. Angelle LaCroix Said:

    I love the look!! And the way you write. So many laughs ensue.

  121. Lynthia Said:

    love it. The combination of you and Sebastien is making me all squishy. One big messed up love child. My brain might just implode from the awesomeness

  122. MomwoW Said:

    I wanna see Bunny give Little Owlie some Surprise Butt Secks. I’ve got a visual in my mental and it’s awesome. Just. Like. You. And Mr. Millon. And Dave Grohl.

  123. Anonymous Said:

    Love it!

    Summer mccarthy

  124. Amber-Rose Aparicio Said:

    Fat beets! OMG! I liked him on FB but it just keeps getting better. Just like this website. You will never stop entertaining me, both of yous guys! 😛

  125. karla Said:

    LOVE THIS, love your page, and love his page too! The Fat Beets just makes me giggle. I always look forward to any of your posts, it’s like they’re coming from my brain..

  126. Grouchasaurus Rex Said:

    Hahahaha dead mouse hat.

  127. Diana Dos Santos Said:

    I am Jealous. That is all.

  128. billie Said:

    Great blog. Off to check out the artist now.

  129. JennQ_32 Said:

    Oh Em Gee….. I freaking LOVE reading you stuff…. I may have a problem. Not reading you at the start of everyday would be akin to no coffee, and we all know how detrimental that would be to my mental health and the safety of publiC Joe Schmoe! Then I must continue on my lunch break to stay fortified for the rest of my oh today would be so blah with out Insane in the Mom Brain day…. u Make me Laugh Long Time!!!!!!

  130. SweetNikkiLee Said:

    Sabastian + Patti = pure awesomeness! !

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    It’s a big o pile of awesome shit, with a vodka soaked cherry sittin right on top 😉

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    Okay, kitty wearing dead mouse hat….OMG..i think i pissed myself! Bwahahahaa

  133. Mechelle Zarou Said:

    I aboslutely love the new page! Great work!

  134. Mechelle Zarou Said:

    I absolutely love the new page and the banner! Great work to all of you!
    P.S. If no one was bossy, nothing would ever get done!

  135. Martyc Said:

    I love it!!

  136. Martyc Said:

    I LOVE it!!! And I adore you and you great sick sense of humor.

  137. tailynn Said:

    Patti im a slave to your humor only coffee beats you in the race that is me. love the new page nicely done you chose well weedhopper. Sabastiam i am also a fanhave to say ive reposted your stuff a trillion times. im a huge fan of gazelle. i want to keep him in my yard to ward of shitty destrutive demon tree rats. yes they torture me. taunt me. sit in my window and point and laugh. our last encounter eanded badly with me crying like a girlwhile scrubing my head with sand paper. FYI tree rats my head is not a post to jump from! dont touch me or ill puke coffee from hell on you. anway yes im in love with the new page and thanks to everyone fearing miss Patti and her rath you have created a fuck of a page. carry on that is all

  138. Ashley Lehman Said:

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  139. Ashley Lehman Said:

    Love both of you guys!

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    I love the new look, Patti! Especially the “She scares me.” part. And the ducks with jet packs. And the unicorns. OK, so really I love it all!

  142. Karin (Pinwheels and Poppies) Said:

    I love the new look, even though I typically hate shit that looks like something an 8yo girl would like. It suits you. And Sebastien Million is a goddamn genius.

  143. Lyzi B Said:

    I F I D O N ‘ T W I N T H I S , I W I L L H A V E B U T T S E C K S W I T H E V E R Y U N I C O R N I O W N ! ! !

    T H I N K O F T H E U N I C O R N S ! ! !

  144. Carey J Said:

    Are the angel chickies former jetpakcers that got too excited to be jetpacking, lost control, and crashed into the ground at 183557987 MPH? 😉

  145. Samantha H Said:

    LOVE the new look. <3 this owl loves fat beets.

  146. Writers_block Said:

    it’s really quite awesome Patti 🙂

  147. Venus Valdez Said:

    I have been sharing Sebastien’s unicorn drawing with me son… they are absolutely flipping awesome! and your new blog looks amazing… glad you too were able to “bond” and come together creatively.

  148. Venus Valdez Said:

    I have been sharing Sebastien’s unicorn drawings with my son, who also thinks he is a bad ass unicorn. I am glad you two were able to “bond” and come together in all of this creative awesomeness. I think your new blog looks flipping amazing! Keep it up… thanks for sharing your brain with all of us.

  149. Amy Ray Said:

    I love it!!! You are crazy and I wish I lived inside your brain!! Does that make me crazy?

  150. Amy Ray Said:

    I love you! You are crazy and I want to live inside your brain. Does that make me crazy?

  151. Sara C. Said:

    Sebastien’s work is hilariously good and I love the squirrel that says “she scares me”.

  152. Anonymous Said:

    The pairing was brilliant! Love the look!

  153. klovelady Said:

    “And on first glance you might think “Awe….that is so cute and sweet!” and then you look closer, and you read the caption, and you’re like “Holy balls! WTF did I just read?””

    It’s like you’re also in MY head cause that’s pretty much is the story of my life! Cute and sweet at first glance and then it’s all WTF? after that…

  154. Tuesday Said:

    Love all of it. Checked out his FB page and website. I am going to be visiting often !!

  155. Elizabeth Said:

    This is the most amazing collaboration EVER! Love love love!

  156. Kim Smalley Said:

    Love the new look!

  157. mren2 Said:

    Whole thing’s great, but I think cartoon you is my fav.

  158. sam osborne Said:

    its like a secret window to my mind ! haha x

  159. Michelle Roan Said:

    Dear Jesus, in all of your holy goodness, I pray that you grant me the opportunity to win this Sebastian gift card. Amen and Hallelujah!

  160. Lesley Said:

    I love this guy! I had seen his stuff floating around FB but then I found a link to his page on your page and of course I had to go like it. Now I’m irritating friends by sharing his pics everywhere. 🙂 Thanks!

  161. christa Said:

    i need the ” i’m going to cut you, LOL” print. i say that just about every day. a shirt or calling card to hand out will make my life so much easier.

  162. Valerie Alexander Said:

    If you don’t pick me, puppies will die.

  163. lokicobb Said:

    loving the new look ,and def gonna get me some cards for the holidays they are perfection

  164. Uninspired Revolution Said:

    Pick me pick me!! o.O

  165. Heidi Todd Said:

    I wish I had the wit that you two do

  166. In The Land Of Reverie Said:

    Very fabulous! Good things come to those who dream weird. Keep up the good work!

  167. J Korstick Said:

    I checked out his page last night without even knowing there was a contest and I heart the way this man thinks!

  168. Dannette Cyr Said:

    WTF inside!!! Love it!

  169. Kelly Young Said:

    Awesome story… and what a happy ending!

  170. Anonymous Said:

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  171. The truth and only the truth Said:

    Love the new banner! Love this artist!

  172. Connie (Mother) Dill Said:

    I love this story. I think you and I were cut from the same mold cuz I can totally relate to the thought process that creates stories like this one.! LOL
    I also love Sebastien’s stuff. Thanx for the smiles and giggles and the many many LOL’s !!

  173. Anonymous Said:

    Love the new look and Love the artist!!

  174. Carol Odell Said:

    A perfect pairing! Love it!

  175. Beth Eldhardt Said:

    The banner is full of unicorn deliciousness and Sebastian is cooler than zombie puppies eating spiders

  176. Kim C Said:

    I absolutely ADORE his work, and love your writing! This. Is. Awesome.

    That is all.


  177. Melissa Said:

    Love it!

  178. Mrs. Myers Said:

    I wrote a really nice heartfelt reply at first, then I realized that I forgot to sign in and it all disappeared on me. “I wants that bunny” is all I have now.

  179. Irked Skirt Said:

    I love everything about it!

  180. Margo Pierini Said:

    How fabulous!

  181. Julia O Said:

    If i don’t win puppies will die or something like that

  182. Lisa Plasky Said:

    Thanks for turning us on to Sebastien, his work is very original and awesome.

  183. Terra Lee Said:

    How exciting! I look forward to your antics EVERYDAY!

  184. jessica tregembo Said:

    you both rock your blogs are amazing and his cartoons awesome sauce!!! its better then eating sprinkles and farting rainbows!!

  185. Jenny Ruchhoeft Said:

    Randomly chosen, huh?
    Well then…farts, poop, trilobites, oxen, venti latte, IKEA, dry humping, itty bitty monkeys, lolly pops, bats, sky domes, and treasure chests. ShaZAYAM!

  186. Rachael Said:

    OMG, the identity crisis cat is KILLING ME. I need that to hang on my wall.

  187. skyjammer0 Said:

    Yup, I’ve seen his stuff before. Maybe it was on your page. I don’t remember. Hey, I’m old and sometimes I forget things. Like that one time I forgot to wear pants to the first grade. Not that I was old then, because I don’t think I was. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that was a dream, so in reality, I didn’t forget anything. Whew! Had me worried there for a second. All that aside, I REALLY enjoy your page and blog, and now I’ll be heading over to Mr. Millon’s page and throwing some likes his way.

  188. Mediocrates Said:

    It’s always great when there’s a meeting of the minds.

  189. Jennifer Said:

    I want to thank you Patti, for giving me a new obsession. His work is something I want to hoard in my attic so only I can experience it day in and day out. Oh yeah, and you’re pretty awesome yourself, but I don’t think you’d fare to well locked away in my basement.

  190. LJDsMommy Said:

    Haha, I love the kitty with the mouse hat. And I love your blog! 🙂

  191. casey parsons Said:


  192. thompsgirl06 Said:

    I love love love your page and I love Sebastien Million’s artwork too!!!

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