September 27, 2012

Oh what fun it is to have a contest where you tell people to molest things with their bodies. This brings me joy.

Seriously, you guys. Getting email that has photos of people surprise buttsecksing people and things is very exciting. And no. That is not some weirdo invitation to send me porn. I am not interested in creepy buttsecksing pictures. Just, ya know, normal “Hey! I Humped a statue in South Korea for you!” or something like that. It’s fun to see other people doing the kinda inexplicably odd stuff that I like to do. I love it long time. Not to mention the fact that I got photos from all over the globe. I love that! LOVE!

As you will see, I got lots of entries. Some followed directions. Some didn’t. Some looked like they were really feeling the love. Some looked embarrassed and like they were trying to be all casual like “I’m just walking by this statue…la de da de da…QUICK! TAKE A PICTURE!” But no matter what, they were all fun to look at and I hope you all had fun doing it. how could you not? Humping things is fun. And if you don’t agree, then you gots problems. 

I had a difficult time choosing the winner, but in the end I decided on Beth Nowaczyk and her high rooster. I liked it’s uniqueness. It’s height. It’s cluckiness. And her commitment.  Congratulations Beth! You win a Zombie Beer Bottle Opener, a Mom-Brain T-Shirt that says something ridiculous on it, and a cool Mom-Brain magnet that says something even more ridiculous, not to mention the adoration of myself and my many followers for giving it to a giant rooster.

P.S. An honorable mention goes to Sue, who has the last picture on the bottom of this page. She made me proud by Surprise Buttsecksing her friend while he vomitted in the toilet after too much drink-poo time. What a good friend you are, Sue. He should be proud to have you in his life. Kudos.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

(See winner for the design portion of my contest in a blog next week)

This is Sue and her barfy friend.

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14 Responses to “Oh what fun it is to have a contest where you tell people to molest things with their bodies. This brings me joy.”

  1. Sassy STS Said:

    This is greatness! Good to know I’m not alone in my humping hijinks! Hilarious.

  2. Anne Said:

    omgosh thanks for the morning laugh. IDK why but for some reason the guy humpin the cow, the look on the cows face did it I think, is the best hahaha.

  3. Linda Said:

    These are hysterical!!!! Thanks for the laughs!!! I like the guy with the middle finger going up his….ahem.

  4. nikki Said:

    Yes! This one is my fave also

  5. Anonymous Said:

    That’s my hubby!!!! He was sucha good sport! LMAO

  6. Said:

    I am pretty sure that it’s a felony to buttsecks a cat.

    Just sayin’

  7. kstuck Said:

    The one that made me lol literally is the lady with her head up the statue’s arse!

  8. RachRiot Said:

    I wanna know each and every one of these freaks.

  9. ChevyGurl13 Said:

    Holy cripe – these are awesome on a whole new level…although the cat one is a little creepy. To each their own… Thanks for sharing – love this!!

  10. Anonymous Said:

    Awesome photos! I don’t know which one was more disturbing…the father/daughter/bear team, or the young lady humping The Virgin Mary statue with her daughter in the backround.

  11. Anonymous Said:

    Definitely the one with the lady up the statue’s butt was hysterical! But love the chicken one too. Made my day, thanks!

  12. Anonymous Said:

    More! I wanna see more!

  13. Anonymous Said:

    Oh, Patti….just when I think I couldn’t love you any more than I already do, you go and have a surprise butt secks-ing photo contest. You are a woman after my own heart.

    – Laura Cook

  14. Brittany Leitner Said:

    Are these all the entries you had?

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