August 12, 2011

I had too much fajitas and margaritas so this is not only short but kinda pointless.

Wow. Yesterday’s post was a bit hyperactive. But sometimes that’s how I roll. And I guess that yesterday was one of those times. The Hub read that post and claimed that it gave him a headache. I was like dude! Welcome to my brain! There’s a reason why I pop Advil like they’re candy, and that -my friend- is it.

Anyways, I am a tad bit more lucid today. Even though I’m slightly buzzed on Skinny ‘Ritas. 
Basically I’m writing this short post to let you know two things:
#1) The guy I probably impregnated in high school with the wheat baby DID NOT accept NotPatti’s friend request. AND he blocked her. That’s right. She got blocked. Why? Cuz he’s obviously a douche-nozzle. As one of my FB peeps pointed out, the name NotPatti CLEARLY states that she is, in fact, NOT Patti. So why he wouldn’t accept her request is really a mystery. Everything she posts is totally opposite of what I post. Even her profile photo implicitly states that this person is not Patti Ford. 
#2) The other thing is that I wrote this stupid thing for Jason O’Mara’s website cuz he said I was funny and he wanted me to. And I am totally easy like that. So here is a link to that if you wanna read it: Link to stupid thing Patti wrote for Jason cuz he’s kinda cute and she’s easy.
Now I’m gonna go get my jammies on and watch tv. And probably kick my cat while wearing The Hub’s steel toed boots.  (P.S.That is a joke. It’s definitely something NotPatti would do. But I am no NotPatti.)
Here is a picture of a tiny Koala:

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5 Responses to “I had too much fajitas and margaritas so this is not only short but kinda pointless.”

  1. Christine Said:

    I would like to suggest naming the tiny koala.

    My thoughts:

    female – Her Royal Highness Mary Beatrice Eugenia Clementine, Dutchess of Douche

    male – Sir Rupert Leopold Cornwallis, Duke of Douchedom

    Do with that what you will…………

  2. Patti Ford Said:

    Christine…I totally dig the way you think. I love my animals to have very Englishy royal-ish names. Good job!

  3. Christine Said:

    english names and accents are the best! you can pretty much say anything in a british voice and sound smarter. tis true. take a whack at it……*bows out gracefully*

  4. IheartJason Said:

    Yea–he’s kinda cute

  5. Crunchy Mommy (aka Cindy) Said:

    Hopefully NotPatti didn’t show up and kick the cat. I AM Cindy and I have totally thought about using my Hub’s steel toe workboots to kick the dang dog. I have refrained. But I thought about it.

    So, I know this is kind of cheesy, but I passed along one of those annoying blogger awards to you. I know, I know, but it’s kind of neat. If you choose to accept the award, please click on the link below and follow the directions.

    The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy –

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