May 31, 2011

The O’Mara Revolution. It’s What’s For Dinner. (For Reals. Cuz I’m Totally Not Cooking Tonight.)

Breaking News, you guys: I have a big mouth.

So last week I told you guys my road trip story and about how my friend Anne really really really wants to get all sweaty with Chef Curtis Stone. After he cooks dinner for her first. I’m pretty sure that was a prerequisite. At least it should be. And personally, I would also make him promise he’d do the dishes first too. Cuz that’s the kind of crap that a dude would try to pull on you. “Oh baby, I’m soooo tired. I’ll clean up the kitchen later. I promise.” You know I’m right. And Curtis is cute and everything, but not cute enough to make me wanna wash dishes. Just sayin’. Anyways, I also told you guys that Jason O’Mara is my main man. And just to refresh your memory, here he is again:
Refreshed??? I know I am. So after I wrote that blog some of you were asking me about him and I wanted to be all stingy with him and everything, but I also wanted other people to appreciate him as much as I do, so I decided to be super-sharey with everyone. Cuz some things are just too awesome to keep to yourself. And Mr. O’Mara is one of them.
So I was dorkin’ around on Facebook and I thought “Hey, I wonder if he has a fan page?” And so I found one. And much to my surprise, HE was the one who was running it. Which is one more thing about him that is awesome. Because most actors or musicians or whatever have “their people” doing it for them. But not this dude. So I posted this on his wall:
So then I’m like, “It’s on!” And I decide then and there to share him with my favorite people in the world: You guys! So I told everyone on Facebook that I was starting “The O’Mara Revolution” and all my amazing friends jumped right on board with it and started friending the holy crap balls outta him. Which was super amazing because I had more friends than he did and I was like “WTF? How. Is. This. Possible. I am a total weirdo moron and he is him and he should totally have like a mazillion more people than me!” It was like up was down. Down was up. Paris Hilton was talented, and Meryl Streep couldn’t memorize her lines or do an accent to save her life. Everything was totally effed up.  So my amazing peeps were all showing him the love. Then he wrote this:
Then this:
Then this:
(I made that one up there ^ HUGE because it’s super-duper-awesome.)
And then he sent me this:
Or maybe I made it on my computer. But whatever. Close enough.
So basically, Mr. O’Mara is making me look super smart because he is my celebrity crush and he is also: (a) Obviously a really, really nice guy. (b) Obviously has a great sense of humor. And (c) Obviously has nobody around him like a manager or publicist or therapist or bodyguard or close friend to tell him to get a restraining order on me. This guy is being so freakin’ nice that I am completely floored. I guess I always kinda expect anyone I like from afar to be a total douche-wagon if I ever get up close. In college I tried to talk to a musician that I absolutely adored, and he was a total asshole. It was a big fat bummer. And when I went to The Emmy’s a few years ago I just didn’t even try to talk to anyone because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Even when I was in the Limo line behind Jason Bateman whom I had loved since Silver Spoons. Even then, I didn’t try to talk to him. I may have pretended to touch his butt and I may have done a slight humping motion behind him. But I didn’t try to talk to him. 
But Mr. O’Mara has not disappointed.
If you think that you don’t know him and you are a chick then you are probably wrong. He was in 2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, which I know all you chicks are into. And he played a dude who had a brain tumor and was all yelly and bitchy and stuff and I believe that at one point he was mauled by a bear. Which is really unfortunate. And stupid. Cuz everyone knows that as long as you play dead or offer up a pic-i-nic basket or some freakin’ honey, no bear is gonna bother you. At all. And if I remember correctly, he totally died in surgery.  Which made me hate that big-haried McDreamy with a passion. But it was okay because (a) It’s pretend, and (b) At least he didn’t come back as a ghost and have weird ghost/human sex with Izzy, like the other dead guy did. Which was dumb as hell. Even to me. A person who believes in ghosts. I believe in them, but I don’t believe in making out with them. Also….He is in the new Stephanie Plum movie “One For The Money”, which should totally get him a lot of attention. And guess what? He stars in this movie with Izzy from Grey’s. Who I hope doesn’t go around whoring herself out to ghosts. Because I’m not interested in seeing that again.
But the most coolest thing that my boyfriend Mr. J. has going on right now is the new show that starts in September called “Terra Nova” which is bound to be amazing cuz it has not only Jason, but Spielberg, Dinosaurs, Time Travel (which might help me with my Time Burger Project), and that really mean white-haired guy from Avatar. Who scares me. Cuz he was so not nice to those tall blue people and that really hot guy whose legs were all useless and stuff. And he pissed me off. Big time. But I’m gonna give him another chance because he’s supposedly a good guy in this. But if he even yells at my Jason once, I’m gonna lose my shit and use my brain magic to make a dinosaur eat his ass.  
And to complete my fawning I have to tell you all that if you haven’t seen “Life On Mars”, you have to. NOW. And you probably haven’t seen it, which is why it was only on TV for one freakin’ season. So basically it’s your guys’s fault. But you can make it up to me and Mr. O’Mara now by “Liking” his page on Facebook. Show him some love and tell him you are part of “The O’Mara Revolution”. And also go to his new website and read my blog post….yes, my blog post. Cuz for some weird reason he asked me to write some stuff for his website. And do me a solid and watch his new show starting in September. It looks kinda cool, like “Land Of The Lost” but with awesomer more-attractive people who are less lazy and more ass-kicky and have to deal with bad-ass Spielbergian dinosaurs instead of stupid-ass Sleestaks. Puhleeze. I could take a Sleestak down with one nut punch. Done. Show over. 
So I’m expecting this to work like that Faberge Shampoo commercial from the 80’s. I tell you guys then you each tell two friends, then they tell two friends and so on and so on. Don’t let me down people. We must bring my man to the masses. Everyone deserves a little O’Mara in their lives. True story.
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9 Responses to “The O’Mara Revolution. It’s What’s For Dinner. (For Reals. Cuz I’m Totally Not Cooking Tonight.)”

  1. Leslie Schulze Said:

    Hey Patti. LOVED Life on Mars. Loved Jason too! We need to eventually hook up for a drink or something. Hope the boy is doing well.
    Leslie S.

  2. Patti Ford Said:

    Wasn’t it good? Yes to the hook up. But not in a sexy way.

  3. Bill Said:

    Looks awesome, too bad it’s on Fox cuz they too suck hobo balls. If they don’t get 50 bajillion viewers by the 2nd episode it’s cancel city, Fox needs a brain transplant, wholesale.

  4. Patti Ford Said:

    Positive thoughts!!!

  5. Anonymous Said:

    Hey Patti–

    I have been trying for years to get everyone I know to see what a terrific and hot guy Jason is. I have actually bought 12 Life on Mars dvd’s(up to this point) that I give out for all occasions!
    I am glad you appreciate Jason like I do–(but really–he is my boyfriend!!) HA
    Rock on!


  6. Patti Ford Said:

    Not for long, Mr/Mrs Anonymous.

  7. Anonymous Said: are a force of nature!

    Phew just exhausted from reading your blog but sooooooooooooo funny!

    I too have been a long time fan of gorgeous Mr. O Mara..HATED Paige Turco cos she married him but am now like “oh they’re cute and hot and deserve each other!” lol

    Am from geographically he’s closer to me atm lol lol

    keep up the hilarious work!! Mwahs from Natalie van Dongen…Torquay, Victoria, Australia xx

  8. pinwheelsandpoppies Said:

    You complete me. I don’t LOVE this Jason guy, he’s way too hot for my taste. I’ve got a thing for awkward nerds and geeks, and there’s nothing geeky about Mr.J. But, because I love you, I shall friend you on fb and then friend Mr.J. I had wanted to see Life on Mars, so that might sway me into a more carnal interest in him. We’ll see.

  9. Patti Ford Said:

    Pinwheels, You’ll come over to my way of thinking. I promise. He’s adorable, and once you see if in something (especially LOM) you will want be all in.

    Natalie, Thank you! His wife IS amazingly beautiful indeed. Lucky you in Australia!

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