April 4, 2011

Do they let you do jury duty barefoot?

For those of you that were shocked and disturbed that the American legal system was actually desperate and/or stupid enough to actually demand that I report for jury duty, I have good news…I am now exempt! After filing the exemption form 4 times, instead of the suggested “one time ONLY”, they finally decided that they didn’t want me and my super-long list of excuses that got longer with every request.  Good call, whoever made that call. Good. Call. Because by Friday afternoon I had pretty much decided that I was going to borrow 3 pissed-off babies and a triple stroller and stick my cat (Ethan’s cat) in a carrier and take them all – plus my surrogate husband, Colonel Hooversatche – with me to court.

Having me stay home is so much easier. For everyone involved. For reals.

And on another note (Yet one that kinda further proves that I’m not fit for jury duty. Or any kind of duty, really)…

Today I gave my shoes to a guy who works at Big Texas Trees. Why? So he could win an employee contest. For 2 weeks they’ve all been asking customers for their shoes. And for 2 weeks they’ve all been denied. Until today. Today was Bill’s lucky day:

Suck on that, Bill’s co-workers. Suck. On. That.

And a big shout out to The Hub for piggy backing me outta there. Cuz that parking lot was super rocky.

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2 Responses to “Do they let you do jury duty barefoot?”

  1. Anonymous Said:

    Your so smart! I tried my best to get out of jury duty! I told them every lie I could think of and still got picked!!!! 🙁 At least it was a easy case!

  2. Patti Ford Said:

    You are totally correct Anonymous. I AM smart! Thanks for noticing.

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