April 27, 2011

Cat Hair Has Many Uses. The Most Boring Of Which Is Being On A Cat.

So I told you guys that my sister visited last month and because I’m pretty much the best hostess in the whole world I really showed her an amazing and exciting time. Which included going to Target with me to do my household shopping, and helping me furminate the cat and then using double stick tape to make eyebrows out of the fur. Then making The Hub photograph us.  After he finished his eye rolling and head shaking and telling me that he didn’t wanna hear any bitching about my allergies later. Yes. My allergies to cat fur. Which I taped to my face. But this was artistic expression, and sometimes art is worth the itchy eyes and runny nose. The Hub is obviously not cultured like me. Anyway, he said we looked like Cha-Ka from Land Of The Lost. Which we kinda did. Especially Lindsy:

And what I didn’t show you guys was that after the eyebrows I also made a giant ‘stache. Of course. And I think that is made me look like Wilford Brimley. But way less cranky and with less liver spots. And less diabeetus. And better hair. And I also kinda look like that muppet who I think was called Pops, and was the doorman at the Muppet Theater.

And now I’m totally inspired and I’m gonna save a few weeks worth of hair so I can make myself a wig like this:
I’ll need a Benadryl IV afterwards, but I think it’s totally gonna be worth it.
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One Response to “Cat Hair Has Many Uses. The Most Boring Of Which Is Being On A Cat.”

  1. Sarah Said:

    for some reason, this reminds me of the time I crocheted a beard/mustache for my infant daughter (she looked like a little gnome!). Maybe next time, think about taking an antihistamine before you make awesome fake facial hair 🙂

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