March 6, 2011

I’m Not Dead. But I Spent Most Of The Past Week Horizontal, Half-Naked, and Bloated.

Don’t worry you guys….I am bloated from beer and guacamole, but I am alive, relaxed, and well.

I know some of you thought I died. My FB friends were wondering where I went, since they can always count on me to post something stupid at least once a day. And after the quarantine week from hell, I can understand how some of you could think that I maybe ran away from home. Well, I did. I went to here:
And I laid in a chair and looked at this all day:
Don’t hate me. I would have taken you all with me if I could. True story.
I missed you guys and I missed being online for a week. Believe me. I felt really out of touch. One morning Steve said something along the lines of “I feel like I don’t know what’s going on in the world”, and I said “Yeah, me too! I wonder who won the Oscar’s, and I wonder how James Franco did with the hosting. I bet he sang something. And probably danced. Because that guy does everything. He’s nominated for a freakin’ Academy Award! He’s really smart. He’s getting graduate degrees at two Universities. And he films movies in between classes. He’s a published author. He paints. He’s on General Hospital, just for fun. When he doesn’t have that mustache, he pretty much rocks.” And Steve said “I was thinking more about what was happening in Egypt or in the stock market. But your stuff is probably more important.”
Still, we survived 5 days together. 
So anyway, I’m back. And within the next few days I will get my ass in gear and tell you about my trip. Preview: A monkey sat on my shoulder. And I think we both enjoyed it for about 15 seconds. Then he had to go and be an a-hole.
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