January 14, 2011

Computers, Bear Grylls and Cankles. With a Dash of Zambie.

I was finally sitting down to write my Christmas blog yesterday, but something wacky was going on with the computer because the hub was trying to do some kind of updates, or installing of new things or something very computery that I don’t understand since all I know how to do is type words and hit “enter.” And I called him at work like I always do when I’m in a computer-induced meltdown and he tried to help me but I have some kind of disease where I ask a question and then tune out on the third word and start thinking about stuff like Zombies, going on an adventure with Bear Grylls, or how when the Zombies come I really hope I am with Bear Grylls because he would f*ck their Un-dead shit up and look handsome doing it. Plus he’d probably call them Zambies or something cool and Englishy like that and I think a Zombie Apocolypse would be much easier to take if everything had an English accent. Anyway, if anyone out there really hates my blog and wants me to stop writing it, all they have to do is sneak into my house and turn off the computer because I would probably just assume it was broken and go watch tv instead. But my point is, I never got the chance to write about Xmas but I promise I will next week. Well, unless I just gave some hater the genius idea to break into my house and turn off my computer.

In the meantime, someone found my blog by typing “Matt Lauer has cankles” into google. Google brings more weirdos into my life than Jerry Springer or Cops ever did. Thank you, Google.

Here’s a picture of a tiny little rabbit stealing a cookie:

You are welcome in Pattitopia at any time, little bunny. But bring your own cookies you thieving rodent, cuz Patti don’t be baking in Pattitopia. xoxo
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2 Responses to “Computers, Bear Grylls and Cankles. With a Dash of Zambie.”

  1. Anonymous Said:

    You ROCK! I remain your loyal, number 1 fan! I also would like to be with Bear Grylls if anything were to get crazy. He makes me tingly!!

    Ashley Reina

  2. se7en Said:

    So now I know that Matt Lauer has cankles, I’m pretty sure he’s now gonna be Googled up for any search term mentioning “menses” as well.

    You should be proud =)

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