November 11, 2010

I Have A New Blog And I Totally Did It Myself (Or Not)

Guess what you guys? I finally got a new blog design! After spending a year being bored to tears by that plain Jane page I was using before, and after spending months trying (and failing) to re-do mine on my own, it’s all shiny and new. I am so happy! Now I can stop reading articles and “simple” step-by-step instructions on how to customize my page, because that stuff was giving me migraines. And making me stomp around the house a little bit, talking to myself about how much I hate computers and the insanity of HTML and all that crap. And maybe now I can lay off on the wine a bit. Or not.

Last week I’d finally had it with the whole do-it-yourself approach and was about to toss the laptop out the window, when I was saved by Blogs Gone Wild. Within just a few days we got everything done. And I say the word “we” even though all I did was harass this poor guy over email enough that I’m sure he is (a) extremely relieved this job is over, (b) drinking way too much now, and (c) probably about to put a hit out on me.

So  I want to thank Mr. Bill at Blogs Gone Wild, as well as Sharon Sheara with Camera Shy Creations for so kindly volunteering to take pictures of me with my stupid (yet amazing) mustache. I know that I was a tough subject to shoot. And we had severe trouble not laughing through the whole thing. Also, I want to thank my friend Pete Stuller, who came up with the idea for the photo and tattoo. He was also my Biology partner in the 10th grade, and was awesome enough to play frog puppets with me, which he probably doesn’t remember, for reasons I won’t mention here.

Man, I totally feel like I’m winning an Academy Award or something. I’ve never thanked so many people in my life, choosing instead to usually tell people to suck my balls. I feel so nice right now!

If you are getting this post via email, please click the title so you can go to my site and check things out. I hope you like it. If you don’t you can totally suck my balls. (There. I feel much better. I said that twice. I am gonna get so many Google hits from this it isn’t even funny)

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2 Responses to “I Have A New Blog And I Totally Did It Myself (Or Not)”

  1. se7en Said:

    Thanks for the mention, I think it looks great. (I may be a tiny bit biased, maybe not)

    I linked it up on my Facebook

  2. Sharon Said:

    Woo Hoo! Awesome, Patti! So glad I could do my little part to help. Thanks for the shout out. I feel famous now. 🙂

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