January 25, 2010

Goodbye Funky Town, Hello Good Vibrations

Previously, on Insane In The Mom-Brain: After enduring many trials and tribulations such as ugly hair, lack of wine, unexpected and unwelcome rain, a whiny child, and a menstrually challenged lunch date, our heroine was stuck in a funk. (Yes, I am choosing to call myself “heroine” because that makes me feel better, so whether or not it is true doesn’t matter. I do not mind living in a fantasy world one bit.)

As I was saying….our grumpy HEROINE was stranded in funky town due to no fault of her own, because she is awesome. Things didn’t improve much Thursday, when she found out she would need to get braces this year. Metal, wiry, braces….in this, the year of her 20th Class Reunion. Nor did things perk up much Friday morning, when she had to go to her running group. Nothing “bad” happened at running group, but running does not equal happiness. The mere act of making oneself run from absolutely nothing, is in and of itself, an act of complete and utter stupidity. Yet inexplicably, she runs.

Although things stayed pretty blah throughout much of Friday, They actually got better Friday evening, thanks to the occurrence of a much-needed girls night out. Your awesomely cool, amazingly smart, and very sore runner’s kneed Heroine Patti went out with her friend Jennifer for dinner, drinks, and a late-night trip to the home of her crazy (in a good way) friend, Maureen. I won’t bog you down with details, but they ate too much, were almost set on fire, nearly chipped a tooth, had something slipped into their beer, were mad that they were leered at by old dudes and sad that they weren’t leered at by young ones, re-enacted scenes from the amazing cinematic masterpiece “Nell”, staring Jodi Foster as “Nell” ( a role that, in a perfect world, would have, SHOULD have, gone to Patti), and narrowly avoided being ninja attacked by wild, elementary school-aged deer. These sorts of happenings can definitely bring one out of funky town, and into just plain being Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch kind’ve funky (which, in case you didn’t know, is a cool kind’ve funky).

So, to all of you who were worried about her stint in the town of funk, let it be known that she appreciates your concern (but would have appreciated it much more if it had been given in the form of baked goods and/or wine), and she is feeling better this week. Even after enduring yet another bad hair day today, as well as being forced to run much farther then she ever has before, she continues to feel funky-cool instead of funky-grumpy, and she will try to get her act together and write another blog soon. Fresh-baked cookies may speed up the healing process….I’m just saying. (Photo Courtesy of my.spill.com)

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One Response to “Goodbye Funky Town, Hello Good Vibrations”

  1. Sharon Said:

    I have no idea what I just read. I’m still looking at the photo. đŸ™‚

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