November 13, 2009

One Is The Loneliest Number…

Okay people, listen up. I love you all. Even if I don’t know you I still love you because you read my blog. And while that definitely means you are slightly unstable as far as your mental health status, it also means that you have a sense of humor that is pleasantly askew and you also have extremely good taste. These are qualities that are very important to me, and as far as I’m concerned, the whole of mankind. However, I do have one little gripe to make, which may be PMS or sugar-induced, but whatever the origin the gripe remains the same: I feel lonely on the blog. It’s like some crappy movie I saw late at night once where some poor space dude is floating around in some ship up there all by himself. I need some companionship from my peeps. Underneath each and every eloquent blog entry, is a comment area. All you have to do is give it a click and tell me something. Anything! If you’ve had a similar experience to whatever wacked-out thing I’m writing about, share it. If you just want to tell me that I am the reason you get up in the morning, tell me that too. If you want to tell me that you think I’m an idiot, you can shut your pie hole and keep it to yourself. The point is, I need human companionship. My computer, although very attractive and knowledgeable, is not enough for me. Give and take, homies. Give and take.

Footnote: My friend, Lazy Mom Leslie, has brought it to my attention that my comment button wasn’t working. I re-set some things and maybe it’s working now? If you’ve tried and failed, please give it another go. Thanks!

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15 Responses to “One Is The Loneliest Number…”

  1. scilence Said:

    Wicked awesome posts….

  2. Anonymous Said:

    I love reading your blog. you are one funny lady!keep them coming

  3. Lazy Mom Leslie Said:

    Here is some bloggy love!

  4. Jill Said:

    Don’t worry Patti! We’re reading!!! You crack me up!!!

  5. Becky M Said:

    Love your posts!! Thanks for making me laugh! Becky M

  6. Anonymous Said:

    You are hysterical, and I can relate to all of your stories.

  7. Anonymous Said:

    I anxiously await for each blog entry and I enjoy a few seconds of amusement, thank you for providing that for me! ~ Melissa S.

  8. Anonymous Said:

    hey, great profile picture! and u look mighty cute in those tight ACID-WASHED jeans, girl!

  9. Anonymous Said:

    p.s. – are you happy now? i’m on this dang thing and now have to keep up on your goofiness here, too! lub gow

  10. Anonymous Said:

    I have just recently discovered you and am having a blast going back and catching up from the beginning!! While I am not a mom, I am an aunt and a “stand in” mom to a bunch of monsters, I mean, er, um… angels 😉

    You mirror many of the things I think, and it’s nice to know I’m either more normal than people think, or not the only nutjob out there! You rock, Patti!!

  11. Kena Henley Said:

    I have also recently discovered you. Found you on fb. Now I am in the process of reading all your blogs. I have read several posts to my Hub, daughter and brother. And tonight I walked in my daughter’s room and read her spiderapocalypse part 3 Lol!
    You are an awesome woman!!! I very much enjoy reading your blog and anything else you post!!

  12. Anonymous Said:

    I just foud you through FB and am reading ALL of your blogs because you ROCK! Thanks for keepin’ it real.

  13. Dawn Said:

    i think you are soooo funny that I’m going back and reading everything you’ve posted since the site began so that I”m all caught up.

  14. MamaVJ Said:

    I’ve been stalking you on The Facebook for a while now, so I decided I’d start from the beginning and read your bloggy blog. I abso-freakin-lutely love it thus far! I’m just a little worried I’ll become obsessed with the awesomeness that is Patti… Ehhh.. 🙂

  15. Anonymous Said:

    I started at the beginning, too and can totally see the exact point where you started to relax an let the insanity show. Love. It.

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