October 19, 2009

Today’s Boyism: He See’s Dead People & They See Patti’s Cellulite

Last night The Boy says to The Hub, “Dad, someday when you feel like you’re about to die, make sure to give me your wallet so I can buy stuff. And don’t worry, we’ll still see each other. Dead people are still here, we just can’t see them. There are like a hundred of them floating around in our house right now.”

This was not a good thing for me to hear ONE DAY AFTER I saw Paranormal Activity. I suppose I will need some extra bedtime wine for a few nights, just to take the edge off.

HOWEVER, once I have had time to get over the initial scare factor of this revelation, I have realized something: I have been wanting to lose 10 pounds, and I am having trouble getting the motivation. But now that I know there are at least 100 people watching me do everything from shower to sneak binging on Ding-Dongs, I am feeling more motivated than ever to get my butt in gear. There’s nothing like being naked in front of 100 people on a daily basis to make you want to tone up!

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